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We elevate design, build dreams, and fuel your vision. Our approach starts with you. It’s personal. We take the time to cultivate a relationship with each client.

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Why Clients Choose Us

Our experienced team is passionate about delivering remarkable craftsmanship. We begin with world-class materials, a well planned design, and our team’s sense of pride and attention to detail in each project. Our passion for uncompromising excellence sets us apart.

We are committed to elevating the client engagement experience. We begin by investing the time to build a trustworthy relationship with each client. We listen to their ideas, visit their homes, and focus on their lifestyle as it contributes to how we design a unique space for each client. By the time we start a project we understand each client’s lifestyle, set clear lines of communication, are aligned on the project scope and the clients have entrusted us with their homes. We are committed to exceptional client service.

We Work Differently

A well-planned project delivers the extraordinary

Our team takes an inclusive, forward-thinking approach to create bespoke designs and build inspirational yet functional spaces for our clients and their families.  Curiosity, creativity, and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of our design and field teams who balance beauty and performance in each environment they create.

Managing a project requires scheduling custom orders and material delivery, working out proper labor sequences, and organizing the flow of work in a highly efficient manner.

  • We maintain a clean and safe worksite for our team and clients.
  • We work within our agreed-upon schedule.
  • Communication is critical throughout the project and we provide frequent updates in person and virtually, based on client preference

Our core team of craftsmen are highly experienced, certified, and have worked with us for years. They work with us daily which gives us control and allows us to deliver superior quality projects.

  • We also have partnerships with other highly skilled craftsmen who assist us during special projects.
  • This team structure allows us to maintain a trusting relationship with our clients and gives us the ability to control the work zone to minimize the impact to our clients’ lives.

MHM Living is built on client relationships and referrals.

  • Our aim is to provide a wonderful experience for each of our clients
  • We encourage all clients to provide constructive feedback so that we can continuously improve as a team to better serve our clients.
  • The greatest feedback you can give our team is sharing your experience and referring our work to others.

Our clients love us



We used MHM LIVING for a major remodel which encompassed the kitchen, entire downstairs and additionally involved changing the floor plan and relocating the laundry room from downstairs to upstairs. MHM was extremely professional at all times and provided invaluable guidance without which we could not have completed the project. We highly recommend and definitely plan on using them again for our next project.


I have photographed many of Botond Laszlo's projects and every time it has been an absolute pleasure. He is easy to communicate with, responds to any questions promptly, and has a very laid back and relaxed air about him. His work is of a very high quality, always a pleasure to shoot and he's very easy to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone in the market for a remodel or other contracting job!


Shylo Preston Design

Having worked in the remodeling world for 17 years, I know a GREAT contractor when I meet one. Botond is intelligent, thoughtful and always does what is right for his clients. He is knowledgeable and creative and he would be the first person to come to mind if I needed a project done in my own home.


We did a major master bath remodel. While we had a good idea of what we wanted, Botond took a great deal of time to help and counsel us through the final planning and preparation stages. Then his team came in and did a phenomenal job implementing our plans. All contractors should be such a pleasure to work with!

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Our Leadership Team

Our founder, Botond CR, CKBR, GCP, has a passion for making a difference in people's lives through inspirationally designed projects.


Attila brings to the team many years of commercial real estate and operations experience. He is super friendly with everyone and excels at communication between team members and clients alike. He is driven, and eager to do the right thing all the time, as he always says ``no cutting corners, ever``.
Project Manager


Brandy is often the first touch with our clients. Her dedication to building that initial bond, continuing throughout the renovation, and even after the project is completed is unparalleled in the industry.
Director of Client Experience


Ross is devoted to clients during the production phase. He cares about each project as if it were his own house. Always smiling and eager to have a conversation with you.
Project Lead


Bogdan ensures the production team is on schedule and projects are executed according to plan. He excels at leading communication between team members and clients.
Project Manager


Santos is always on time, hardworking, and eager to jump in to help with anything. His Spanish often comes in handy when relaying messages to others.
Field Technician



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