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Inspired by the mid-century movement, our client’s bath features a harmonious blend of form and function, providing a purpose to every element in a stately manner.

The stark simplicity of the marble shower and vanity are punctuated with bold brushed gold fixtures, elevating the room to a timeless piece of art. Touches such as LED lighting and smoked mirror and shower door glass adds to the room’s mystique and timeless appeal. It’s clean aesthetic and minimalistic approach play perfectly with this detail-oriented homeowner, proving that less is more. With the mindset of letting the lines and simple elements speak for themselves, we were able to create a show-stopping guest bath.

To convert the bath, which had been previously remodeled, into a sophisticated showpiece, we overcame several challenges:

  • The old vanity counter and sink were integrated in a single piece of granite, which made it more difficult to connect and seal the new vanity and sink plumbing properly.
  • The new shower floor and sink featured sloped surfaces for drainage, and both were updated with linear drains. The shower floor presented a challenge in that it had to slope to allow for drainage but still feel flat while showering.
  • The shower floors and walls had to undergo thorough waterproofing in preparation for the new surfaces.
  • Plumbing and electrical had to be redone for the new lighting fixtures, sink, and shower.
  • In order to open the space, a pocket door was installed in the bathroom, rather than a standard swing-type door. This required that the wall be re-framed to accommodate the new pocket door.
  • Because the exquisite Dalmata marble was in full sheets for each wall, placement of plumbing and fixtures took special consideration and care so as to be both functional and visually pleasing.


Location Dallas Texas

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